My Semi-feral Cat Meets the Surgeon


Younger and Less Trusting

If you have a feral cat in Roseville that you can capture then SPCA will vaccinate and spay or neuter your cat for free. We did donate $20 but it was not even suggested by the efficient and empathetic staff and volunteers, busy doing animal work on a day when SPCA was ‘closed’.



His Good Looks Prior to the Ear Bob

I thought the stray young male cat I named Yellow Boy would be a cinch to capture the way he trustingly ate and even lounged in the cage. But yesterday morning he was wary and didn’t want to go all the way in so I could close the door, maybe I was hovering too close or the skimpy food was the tip-off (not supposed to eat before surgery).


Doped to the Gills


24 Hours in Solitary Confinement


But I did finally shove his big fluffy tail in and latch the door and that’s when he hit the roof and all four walls, yowling, meowing and scratching. The ride to SPCA sort of calmed him and he was quiet while we checked him in. Above is yesterday post surgery, confined until this morning.


Less Trust and a Cropped Ear To Show He’s Fixed


I Don’t Blame Him For Hissing-I’d Hiss Too

He was a bit dopey still this morning but ate and drank well and used the litter box so we opened the garage door and he skedaddled to wherever he goes. He came back to his porch though he didn’t trust the padded cage for a while.



I thought he was a young cat but Placer SPCA said about two years old, a small cat at 9.3 lbs. They said because he meowed he was only semi-feral, having been around people before. I thought he was younger because he was so thin and starved when he picked our porch.


He rubbed his butt on the concrete like it itched and bared his shaved belly to the sun.


I felt like a traitor trapping him but it’s all for the good with less chance for disease and fewer (maybe) cat fights. So if you’re in South Placer county with a stray cat that has adopted you, do him or her right with SPCA’s help. Call Placer SPCA Spay and Neuter Clinic at 916 782-7722, ext. 112.

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