The Cat Came Back



He vanished a few days back, probably pissed off at the indignity and pain of castration, and sneezing and wheezing from a cat cold or flu. I searched all over the neighborhood-“kitty, kitty, kitty”- but cats know how to hide and I still don’t know where he went. I was feeling pretty down. Never give your heart to a stray cat-they come and go.


But Thursday he came dragging up to his porch much the worst for wear with the developed respiratory illness-sneezing, runny nose and eyes, general malaise and lethargy. A trip to the vet for antibiotic injection and he is some better, confined to the garage again for a few days.



Today and yesterday he was more lively, eating and drinking again, so it looks like he’s healing. He’s also now much more affectionate. So I guess it’s true that ‘fixing’ a male cat does make him a better pet. Here he is leaving stir. Having him back makes me not want to lose him again so I hope Yellowboy stays.





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2 thoughts on “The Cat Came Back

  1. He’s very much like a cat we had for two years. We called him Mr Darcy, spent a fortune to get him better (he was in a terrible state when we found him), got attached and now, when he’s gone, we hope one day we might see him again…well, as it was years ago, the chances are slim, but hope dies last 😉

    • He’s looking good now back on his carpet scrap on the porch and acting more like a domestic cat, which he no doubt was in his youth. Makes you wonder if he strayed or was dumped at the creek like so many. It would take a hard person to reject such a loving pretty cat.
      My parents had a Siamese go missing for about six months and came back so you never know. Thanks for the comment.

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