The Manchurian President, A New Thing in American Politics


Image via Dead Breitbart-Our new Overlords

Incumbent presidential candidates routinely use foreign policy to influence elections so all policy is really domestic policy. Challengers meddle overseas too, a fine line between campaigning and serving party over country.

But never has a president come into power by using the secret police intelligence services of our nation’s enemy. In my voting time of almost 50 years I have never witnessed such large scale Grand High Treason. It makes Clinton bombing an aspirin factory look minor.

In previous elections if our enemies rejoiced at an American election result they did it pretty privately; but not now. There is open rejoicing in Russia and at the Kremlin. This is a major defeat for the USA.

Look for smart foreign leaders, like the Philippines’ Duarte, to dump the USA and lean toward China or Russia for alliances and support in light of this exposure of American internal weakness, moral rot and betrayal at the very top. Expect several to quickly deploy already existing nukes for self defense in light of the USA’s division and weakness.

Obama has to answer on how he let the FBI get so rotten from within and so planted with traitors and Russian spies that it leaked like the Exxon Valdez. Was Putin briefed on coming FBI ‘bombshells’ just before a close election like the odious Rudy Giuliani certainly was? So Chris Christie knew about this shit but the President didn’t?

Check James Comey’s recent bank statements for large foreign deposits. I’d say check Trump’s tax returns for the same thing but-duh-can’t do that. They can’t be found; despite Wikileaks, NSA and the once vaunted FBI, Donald’s 1040s were the only important document not leaked-or given out freely like Clinton’s were and like ALL other presidential candidates have done for many decades.

If GOP voters didn’t care guess I’ll try not to. Like the idea of voting for a candidate with so much financial dirt to hide being unthinkable-old fashioned thinking by us oldsters. Forget it old man, Biff Tannen won, so just shut up here in Pottersville and hit one of his casinos on your way out of town, you might get lucky, loser.

But we (you) elected him anyway. Let me ask you this GOP voter, will you regret voting for him if it turns out Putin financed and ran him all along? Or are you A-OK with that just so you won’t have Hilary Clinton to kick around any more? Is it worth treason?

Rural America, you elected this guy? Butt-hole buddies with Putin who has enemies assassinated with polonium pellets? I hope you don’t get buyer’s remorse when Trump/Putin decide to carve up the world or “bomb the shit out of it”, to quote our new fucking vulgarian pussy-grabbing president-elect.

Expect no civility from now on from the would-be Left in America, where the Left- let’s face it- never did so well in this stupid country, half of which consider themselves only temporarily embarrassed billionaires like our new, unconstrained Dear Leader. Here’s your legacy President Obama.

So time to do what Red State Americans always do in time of crisis, drag out the presses, oil ’em up, and load up some fresh ammo batches. We’re a Red Country now. Yee Haw world, here we come!

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