Impeachment, Treason Trial for trump?


It’s hard for me to tear myself away from the news lately as President trump lumbers across American culture like Godzilla. You have to laugh at such a buffoon, or feel sorry for him until you remember he’s got the nucular codes and realize it ain’t that funny.

Then you remember that christopath Mike Pence, the Invisible Man, and you dread Springtime in Gilead for the former USA if trump alone goes down.

More likely Pence goes down with trump- surely Pence knew about Flynn, the Turks, Paul Manafort, Carter Page, the Russians, their money running Useful Idiot Donald John trump the Manchurian President.

Russian financing, Russian influence, Russia media like Breitbart. Use of Communist and modern Russian Maskirovka: Deceptive measures include concealment, imitation with decoys and dummies, manoeuvres intended to deceive, denial, and disinformation.

Proof is probably in trump’s missing tax returns which we have to assume the FBI has. Soon or eventually it will all come out because trump was blasting the secret police even as a candidate, then he accuses them of ‘wire tapping’ him. Never piss off the secret police. It ain’t the crime they get you for it’s the coverup.

But who takes over the national government and military then, Speaker of The House? Well shit, who’s that? What if he’s on the Kremlin’s payroll too? Wikileaks could probably tell us.

So who’s next if we lose the President, Vice President and Speaker due to corruption from Russia? Damned if I know. Military coup to maintain stability while elections are held?

We know that governmental collapse due to corruption and incompetence must be avoided for civil and military reasons. But as of 100 days of trump today, the official investigations have apparently learned nothing and appear to be sluggish if not moribund.

James Comey portrayed himself as fair and honest even after breaking long standing FBI procedure and standards. Lets see if he’s honest in the hearings next week. You’d think the GOP would get off their ass and actually investigate probable high treason, to save their jobs in 2018 if for no other reason. They have no reason to like trump, there is none.

It stinks on ice, this twitter dolt threatening our nation’s friends and military allies only to praise and favor other authoritarians in Turkey and Russia.

Yet the craven majority GOP won’t even subpoena his tax returns to follow the money, to find the moles run from Moscow.

Big talk about national defense but in their inaction the GOP increase our peril and cost us our freedom-not to mention our wealth-to a con man and grifter just like his family, cronies and lackeys now running and, scarily, defending the Free World.

Guess it’s time to update my survival food and buy duck tape, plastic wrap and iodine pills. And keep my Samsung in my hand with the Opera news Feed on.

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