The Odds on trump



They say in the UK you can make a bet on anything and that trump is tending 60% for impeachment. As I said here, it ain’t the crime it’s the cover up.

James Comey portrayed himself as fair and honest even after breaking long standing FBI procedure and standards. Let’s see if he’s honest in the hearings next week. You’d think the GOP would get off their ass and actually investigate probable high treason, to save their jobs in 2018 if for no other reason. They have no reason to like trump, there is none.

And now trump has fired FBI director James Comey, hated or disliked by most but considered honest and as unaligned and nonpartisan as he was able. Most important for trump, he was beloved by the force, agents know the next guy/gal won’t have their back like Comey would have.

As I pointed out last time, never gratuitously piss off the secret police, they’ve got all the files. So we know trump’s days are numbered because he pissed off the CIA and the FBI and now they have more reasons to hate him and the ability and motivation to catch him in high crimes and misdemeanors, certainly easier than, say, ISIS.

But in London do they have odds on how and how soon he leaves office? Here’s mine. Most likely he’ll be asked to resign soon to spend more time with his family. Or else he cops a plea for tax evasion like the less talented Al Capone he is within six months. Slap on the wrist compared to treason. Big fine, no jail time. House arrest.

Or maybe trump stonewalls like Nixon, he’s dumb enough. But since he lacks Nixon’s experience, intelligence, faithful sane voting base (compared to trump’s), or any other human values, he quickly folds. Nixon might have been a shattered drunk but trump trumps him.

So if he pisses off enough of the presently invertebrate goopers, and his business records are as hinky as his mind and hair, he makes it worse on himself as always. Either a conviction on RICO and/or campaign funds from Putin. Highly likely by reports of money laundering probes by the now highly motivated FBI. Confiscation of all property, five years banishment to Russia or New Jersey. Relatives deported back to Slovenia or Israel.

If the military shit goes down while this numbnuts is in charge and there is carnage and treason is shown then he could face Leavenworth or the rope- consorting with the enemy in times of war.

Sure, unlikely you’d think, but then everything about trump’s rise has been unlikely and we know he loves showmanship and the unexpected. Bet he never saw a noose coming. But the ratings? YUGE! Really the greatest ever. You could check the photos.


Image via Washington Post

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