Unboxing the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker


This was a Christmas gift from my big sis J. Thanks for perhaps the hottest kitchen gizmo around and sorry it took so long to (not yet) try it but we eldsters are still mostly slow cooking the 1970s way- the CrockPot. But now we’re going to be all high tech and post-modern in the kitchen.


Yes, rice, grain, porridge, meat/stew, beans/chili, soup, sauté, steam, poultry, warming, yoghurt, Jui Niang (hmm), and it pasteurizes too.


Instant Pot is the latest 3rd Generation Programmable Pressure Cooker designed by Canadians with the objectives of being Safe, Convenient and Dependable. It speeds up cooking by 2~6 times using up to 70% less energy, and, above all, produces nutritious healthy food in a convenient and consistent fashion.”


Nice manual and recipes, the former in languages of many nations, the latter in English and Japanese (?), so you get only half the recipes but web sites can find you over 7,000.

I’m pounding down the bone broth in my restricted one-month paleo Auto Immune Protocol Diet (it’s so hard every day is Day One!) so thats what I’m making first.

inst_pt_flowchrt Not saying it’s complex but they do provide a flow chart.


No, old son, you’re not being put out to pasture. We’re just getting you some help around the kitchen.

www.phoenixhelix.com, what is the paleo autoimmune protocol diet?



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