German RG .22 Cal. Cowboy Gun Tweaks


Protruding sharp ‘target grip’ pokes a lefty’s hand and grinds into right hip when holstered.

From the 1960s through the 1980s Bavarian firm RG Rohm GMBH Sontheim/BRZ built and imported to the USA many cheap firearms, especially single and double action revolvers in .22 Short, Long Rifle and .22 Magnum. Some were dangerous junk, while other models were decent enough, serving on farms, ranches and on hunts to this day.*


This RG Model 66 single action SAA-style cowboy 6-shooter is one of the better ones, probably a late model judging by the useless ‘adjustable’ sight-which I removed in two minutes, and the ‘target grip’ on the left side, both designed to make an impossible to conceal weapon harder to use, but easily fixed.


Cock hammer to 2nd half-cock to rotate cylinder for loading and ejection.

I bought it from my pal Dennis at Eagle Loan on Vernon Street in Roseville for $100USD, just over that counting tax and fees. My California buyers card had expired after five years so I needed to take the safety test again for $20 as well.


Positive full-length ejection but of course 19th century loading speed.

I shot one CB Cap short round in it for function before I started working on it to be sure I didn’t have to return it. Discarding the ‘adjustable sight’ left a shallow sighting grove in the top strap which will be entirely adequate for the gun’s main task of killing tin cans in the woods.


‘Adjustable sight’ was apparently made from an old ‘pop-top’. I unscrewed and disposed of it before Jimmy Buffett could hurt himself.


Notorious tightwad that I am I didn’t want to spend real money for a cowboy holster. Luckily, my garage yielded a flea market $15 Krasne’s Triple K (klan?) holster of a sort of ‘Mexican loop’ type made of a single piece of leather. It was made for a 8 3/8″ bbl caliber .38 Special and had a closed (now amputated) toe.


Quick surgery with a carpenter’s razor knife and it fits the RG’s 4 3/8″ barrel for length.




The smaller RG trigger guard meant I had to relocate the snap-equipped security strap, easily though crudely done in 10 minutes using slot-head screw with nut.


Not bad, but excess leather makes it look like the holster is swallowing the gun.


Final cut

That’s better. A few minutes work with a Leatherman Wave and a razor knife and the excrescence is excised. Reinforcing stud I added should be a rivet but this anachronistic Phillips head screw with nut will have to suffice. Brown shoe polish concealed new leather cuts.


The plan: replace ugly-ass RG grips with beautiful walnut Colt panels originally made for a large frame double action. Lots of cutting needed, I had just started here when I remembered to take this snap.


More in the future on walnut Colt grip upgrade, weapon and holster function and accuracy, and possible refinish of horrible, soft black paint on the Zamak grip frame.

*Sadly, RGs were also used to wound Ronald Reagan and assassinate Robert Kennedy.


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6 thoughts on “German RG .22 Cal. Cowboy Gun Tweaks

  1. Would like to replace my grips also! My 66 is really a straight shooter. Someone would really want it bad before I would let it go!

    • Al, thanks for the comment. As rough as these old bavarian cowboy guns look they shoot just fine. I have not shot mine recently and have not yet filled in and ground down the silly ‘target’ sight yet either but will one of these days. Thanks for viewing and have fun with your Kraut plinker.

      • I have on just like this holster and all, my dad bought it for me when I was 14 (1974) I lost my mag. Cylinder any ideas where I can buy another one,and let me know how handles work out,I need a set too.

      • Tommy
        I have searched for a spare mag for years with no success. Luckily the original one still works. As I suggested to Doreen, you might try searching for a grip panel and magazine for the Astra Cub since the Colt is a close clone of that automatic which was produced longer. If that fails you could have the broken grip 3D printed in brown plastic. Of course with no mag that won’t work. Best of luck.

  2. I have on just like this holster and all, my dad bought it for me when I was 14 (1974) I lost my mag. Cylinder any ideas where I can buy another one,and let me know how handles work out,I need a set too.

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