Still Our Asshole President

President trump never misses an opportunity to do the wrong thing. His tiny-fingered tweet here blames the devastated Puerto Ricans and San Juan’s now homeless mayor for their own plight.

“Such poor leadership by the Mayor of San Juan and others in Puerto Rico who are not able to get their workers to help. They want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort.”

WTF is wrong with Donald J. trump? It’s seems he’s unable to understand they are US citizens in peril. Guess he only likes Russians, dictators and winners. Does he have a brain tumor, tertiary syphilis, alzheimers like his father?

Or is he just profoundly and proudly ignorant and foolish, racist and woman-hating to the core like KKK daddy Fred, or is he mental with lifelong megalomania?

I suppose we’ll find out after his autopsy results are leaked, unless the Norks’ Little Rocketman nukes DC under trump’s goading.

Does he imagine in his mind he’s voting Kim Jong Un off the island or ‘your firing’ him? Like Kim will be all “trump called me a bad name and Pence scowled at me across the DMZ, I give up”.

trump is always a legend in his own mind. I doubt he has the ability to understand a nuke and it’s effects from simple stupidity alone.

We are so fucked, and not in a good way. Looks like our collective pussies are being grabbed bigly by trump, buy duct tape, visqueen, ammo and iodine.

Ha, ha, that won’t help. Today I’m buying a beautiful sapphire blue fender Jazz Bass to keep the time for TEOTWAWKI. Might as well be happy.

[1 Oct 2017: My Craigslist would-be trader found a bad fret or something so no deal. It’s all good, as the kids say {in 1998}, the mighty Mexican Fender jazzer played and sounded OK, no better than my 2 cool Ibbys though. So I get to sell the 1974 USA-made Balladeer {The late, great Glen Campbell’s favorite ax-or so my CL ad will read}, or trade it for something cool. Ain’t Craigslist grand?]




Image via Reuters.

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