Judge Roy Moore Has the Biggest Posse in Alabama


Soon to be Alabama senator Roy Moore came out as openly gay in front of George F. Patton’s gigantic Old Glory flag last week, stating that “…I couldn’t hide it any longer…” and that in fact he has been married to “…Gary, an old friend who, I finally realized in April, is more than a friend”.

The GOP has apparently taken this announcement in stride as I have heard no outcry. But then Moore also announced “…my god-given politics have not altered one iota, not one biblical jot nor tiddle, don’t you give a widow’s mite credit to back-sliders who say otherwise. I fully support President trump’s plan to kill poor people, most of them trump voters, by spiking Obamacare in the head with a spike and tax reforming rich people richer and poor heathen people sincerley (sic) dead…”


To emphasize Moore’s turn to the backside he dressed just like all those boys I see on Castro Street in San Francisco. To secure the massive support and funding of the NRA he whipped out his Smith and Wesson Ladysmith revolver, in .32 Short Colt, with the attractive mauve finish in tough mil-spec parkerizing, stating “…my gun is cute, boys, and I do fondle and clean the dirty little guy pretty often, sometimes with Gary, sometimes alone…”. I have not yet heard any comment from president trump, who did not support the new presumptive Alabama senator and in fact campaigned half-heartedly for the loser.

I heard that some of trump’s loser ‘tweets’ have vanished into a cyber ‘memory hole’ but I don’t use social media-except this one, and it’s so small it’s almost anti-social. But we know it all anyway. Remember, the Web never forgets, interpreting censorship as damage and re-routing, often kicking in the Streisand Effect. Unfortunately to trump all that matters is ratings so even bad publicity is better for his monstrous ego.

As a former Alabama boy myself I welcome our new, soon to be, christopath senator who answers, not to the law or to Alabama voters but to a far, far higher power- Gary.

Images via the Web
Cartoon via J.D. Crowe Alabama Media Group

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