GOP Authoritarians Require Delusion

Authoritarian GOP Never question authority

A great post on GOP delusion from Snarky Penguin*. My comment below.

The post nailed it. Authoritarians have such need to believe in living forever in heben in the arms of Jebus that they believe fantastic delusions; aided by the bizarro, profitable, alt-reality, scary, Fox News world my 91 year old Southern Baptist deacon Daddy believes in.

The 1950s would be perfect for a puss-grabbing, ass-pinching, ogling, psuedo-rich, syphilitic ‘playboy’ like Donald trump. No such thing as sexual harassment back then, “you’ll smile and take it if you want to work here, bitch”.

This seems academic with trump’s tiny fingers on the big red button and so yearning for a ‘Great Big Beautiful Nucular Götterdämmerung’ as he desperately hunkers in his (golf) bunker, voting us all off the island and “you’re firing” our cosy little Western Civilization. But what ratings! Donald trump wins again.

*Correction: Link corrected to proper site.

Image via democurmudgeon.blogspot com

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