Jesus Has Left the Building

donald trump on staten island

Donald trump holds press conference and then speaks at a lunch for the Staten island GOP

This was a comment on a post by Bad Tux’s Snarky Penguin blog,  Jesus Doesn’t Live in El Cajon Anymore.

If nothing else the advent of trump highlights the GOP Christianist’s hypocrisy. None of them care about his serial marriages, thieving from contractors, foul language, bigotry, racism, financial fuckery, cruelty, pussy-grabbing sexual assault or any other high crime and misdemeanor. And they never will. Because trump and his neo Nazi cult following really are deplorable just as Mrs Clinton unwisely pointed out. It seems just over a third of US voters are, always, authoritarian racists, their religion merely cover.

Combine that with our non-democratic election system, an historically unlikable DEM candidate, the arrogance of James Comey and brilliant Kremlin spy-craft and you end up with a mentally defective degenerate Russian-paid traitor posing as president. We are so fucked.

Image via MSNBC

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