My 2nd Shot at Bike Seat Upholstery

Here’s a bike seat cover I just made here. A discarded ‘The Gap’ purse provided the leather and enough for another seat cover as well.

But one side was heavily scuffed-the reason I cut up the other side for the first cover.
I also wanted to use the rawhide side of the leather this time for a different look and better butt traction. The downside will be easier rain soaking.
Problem was a purse gets stained inside so I rubbed them with pencil eraser then warm hand washed with soap. Cleaned up well.
The scrounged seat (libre para mi!) is a Specialized, made by Velo, with good gel, and nicely sprung.
DSC05664But the cover was quite perished, as Edd China would say.


First I unscrewed the rim and pulled the leather underneath, pinning it down with two screws, and then replacing the rear part of the rim.


I cut to length and tightly pulled the material under the nose cover, poked a hole with my Fury rigging knife, and reattached the nose rim with a screw.
With front and rear of new cover attached I made folds on both sides, tugged them under the rim and screwed it taut with the two remaining rim screws.
Next task was to measure (twice) and cut the cover (nervously) to fit.
After much cutting and fitting I laced it together as tightly as the geometry allowed with plastic zip ties because that’s what I had on hand.
Makeshift Dremel leather hole drilling tool. Smelled like burning meat.


The dark spot is my blood, a work ritual mechanics know about.

One side’s lacing angle was better for a trimmer fit on that side but overall OK.
Here it is attached to my Nishiki Bravo primitive mountain bike project, my next post.

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