Dahon Boardwalk Folding Bike Gets New Seat Cover

My very comfy Cloud Nine bike seat from Viscount had worn out its Lycra cover.
I found this discarded handbag and cut it roughly to shape with scissors, removing and using the leather straps for bar grips on my Takara bike.
I started by screwing three sheet metal screws into the existing holes in the plastic seat frame.
Next I removed the plastic nose plate, trapped the leather under it and replaced the plate.
The seat nose I laced tight with a shoestring after punching holes with a Fury rigging knife, finishing with a zip-tie pulled as tight as possible further back.
I used more sheet metal screws after gouging pilot holes in plastic seat frame and tugging taut.
About as taut as I could get it.


I wrote about buying the Dahon S1 Boardwalk folding bike here.
I’ve driven it thousands of miles in the trunk of my small Mazda3, ZoomZoom, and ridden it hundreds of miles (kilometers) around campsites and trails.
Everything folds that can fold, tiller shaft, main tube and pedals. Latches are bank vault tough.


Original seat.


Seat post adjusts instantly to fit most rider’s leg length with an over-center lever.

Factory metal fender and rack are very handy.
Bontrager after-market rubber grips.
Self-portrait with Electra Bike brass bike bell, the prettiest and best sounding bell out there.
Ready for more travel.

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