Talking Bass: Minor Blues Addiction

Other than this here blog, I don’t do social media.
Unless you count And consider bassists ever social. Interesting window on bassists and bass playing there.
Reminds me of Slash Dot, the tech social media site, with insider memes and proudly low registration ID’s.

On talkbass you’ll be advised to buy a Fender P-bass (Precision bass).
Or, if wild and crazy, an old-but not too old-Fender Jazz bass.

Make sure it has a tortoiseshell (torty) pick guard and a curly cable for max cromulence.

What’s the best bass for Metal? How do you blend your volume? Is this a real 1950 Fender P-bass? (No, they came out in 1951.)

And he sings.

My idol.
Wore this one out last year when I started bass. Ibanez GIO Soundgear.

jdsc05890-1278772209.jpgYou could waste tons of practice time chatting.
idsc05907-1573219591.jpg The more you schmooze via the Web, the less time you have to play bass. Being retired, I have time for both.
Somehow, through playing almost a year now, and from learning a Jedi minor blues handwave (and, yes, some nightwork at the crossroads),

I can now rip off some kind of primitive bass riffs.
2017-10-23 131576817746..jpg
Now it’s all I want to do.


Buena Vista Social Club-image via youtube.

I should be doing physical therapy but all I want to do is to noodle up and down the A and E strings (tonally speaking),

playing ad lib minor key blues licks.

It’s damned addicting.
I’m not advancing my music reading; have not yet cracked Hal Leonard, Bass Method, my next text.

It’s a bad thing I guess.
But when I’m alone, I crank up the gain with the bridge pickup dimed out, smidge of t-wah, taste of reverb- then I hit those licks! It’s the blues, baby.

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