Placerville, California: Gold Rush Hangtown

Placerville, California, USA, is a popular tourist spot for its history and Old West architecture.
The county seat of the gerrymandered, grotesquely elongated El Dorado County, Placerville was FKA Old Dry Diggings, Dry Diggings, and Hangtown.
Shoot, I reck’n not much hangin’ goes on in Old Hangtown these days, no sir.DSC06450
Just lots of boutique shopping for the tourist with cash in pocket and a burning desire to overspend on Gold Rush brick-a-brac or logo teeshirts from China.

But just to prove Placerville hasn’t lost its ability to pander to the outdoor crowd, even if most of them are now just eco-raping Rubicon Jeepsters, it sports a large and fully equipped Mil Surplus/Outdoor store.
And don’t forget P-ville’s most illustrious modern native son.

But the colorful old buildings (by California standards) are nice to look at, and that’s still free.

Though I had to slip into giant, busy Mel’s diner to pinch a loaf. We don’t do public restrooms in El Dorado county much.

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