New Used Dean EAB Acoustic/Electric Bass

Here’s my new 2009 Dean acoustic electric bass guitar, $75 USD cash from Craigslist Sacramento.
Except the electric parts, the piezo electronic pickups and amp, are largely silent except a bit on the E string.

I looked for a battery hatch but no joy. I have to think it needs a fresh battery after ten years even if the seller said he’d never plugged it in.
But it sounds, looks and plays well acoustically. And I trust I can probably fix the amp system.


Pretty binding and nice quality satin finish.

Strings are probably original from Dean’s factory so it will sound much better with new D’Addario phosphor bronze strings.


Love the Nike ‘swoosh’ hardwood bridge.

Neck needs torquing as well, some fret buzz in places. I’ll send it out for setup as I lack tools and knowledge on acoustic setup, which differs from Fender style ‘bolt on’ necks.


Ancient roundwound strings say in tune but are a bit sharp in intonation.

This is the second acoustic/electric I’ve owned and I always forget the posture and playing adjustments needed for holding, fretting and fingering such a giant dreadnought.

All old basses need cleaning, string change, general tightening and setup. You need soft rags and guitar polish, 15mm wrench (spanner), small Phillips head screwdriver. Be gentle and careful to avoid marring.

Suffice it to say if you can play this monster you can handle anything. Since it now lacks a strap and front strap button, I’ve been standing it on the bed and playing it like an upright it’s so humongous- except still using two plucking fingers.
Luckily I can rest my right arm inside the giant scoop of the top bout and then pluck the strings right over the neck, which I normally do anyway.

But playing it is a stretch, no doubt. When I switch back to my other basses it feels so easy to reach everything.
So, yes, playing it and even holding it qualifies as semi-painful US Army style ‘valuable training’.

That is a job that’s dangerous, painful, boring, dirty or demeaning that makes me a better soldier, or in this case a better bassist.


Barely scratched, I’m making this neglected closet queen sing again.

And on the other (gripping) hand, it does sound so soulful, is mighty pretty, the price was right, and it does not tie me to my amp. If it doesn’t disable me first.

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