Behringer Bass Part III: Machine Heads Reinstalled

It is that pretty Behringer 4-string bass I’m refurbishing.
I bought it here: and changed the neck here. Not really harder than other bass part swaps, just new to me.
I used my favorite implement of destruction, the Dremel Moto-tool, to hog out the undersize tuner peg holes in the last post.

And I used it with a spiral bit to drill the machine head attachment holes today.
I aligned the tuners on the new neck, marked and then drilled the holes, then reinstalled them with tiny (hard!) wood screws. My hands are sore.
Some drill bit size issues were overcome-too cheap to go buy the correct size-with extensive hogging out as with the neck peg holes. Some errors but close enough for government work.


Still impressed with Kmise component quality and finish.

So the tuners are rigidly attached and appear aligned. Next I’ll string it up and determine if I’ll need to reattach the string tree with this narrower Jazz Base width neck and nut.


Still unsure about where to drill the hole for the string tree. Maybe I won’t need it.

This is my first neck replacement, though I have swapped out lots of other bass components. I’d advise buying the right size drill bit. For your hands’ sake.


The bass started looking better with the new neck’s high albedo and pleasing headstock proportions.

Strings are next, then the final setup. But now I’ll let my hands rest for a while by playing bass.

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