Dry Creek Near Flood Stage Again

If once your house floods then from that point on you are a believer.
This wet winter’s runoff has raised the wildly misnamed Dry Creek to near flood levels again.
So even though the city of Roseville has done extensive flood abatement and even stores water underground these days, I still keep a nervous eye on the creek when the rains won’t quit.


My semi-feral pal YellowBoy walks with me to check creek levels.


Some of the drowned trees will collapse into the creek. The City workers will be busy cutting up and removing them to prevent flooding.


Flooding swept all the homeless hoarder debris and trash downstream and high into trees, brush and blackberry brambles. Worst homeless crisis in Roseville with a filthy ‘Bum’s Rest’ at every bend and cove

Still about 6-8 ft (2 m) from cresting the berm here. It drains down fast when the rain stops so no worries until the next big storm hits. Ground is 100% saturated and pooling.
YB says, “no worries, pet me”. Good advise as there is nothing to be gained by worry.


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