Kmise Maple Neck on Behringer Bass Body

Here’s the finale on my Behringer 4-string bass re-neck and re-string. Here’s the original  Behringer neck.


My music dealer was unclear on the string tree concept. Original unserviceable maple/rosewood neck.

I bought it at Denio’s flea market for $75. Cleaned it up and it sounded nice. But brutal amateur luthier torquing had ruined the neck’s truss rod adjuster.
A new Canadian maple neck with maple fretboard cost me $36, free shipping, from Kmise in China.


Super wide padded Ernie Ball locking strap is comfy and secure.

Delivery took three weeks and condition was smooth, with a near press-fit to the body pocket. Neck installation here.


I first learned on narrow neck Ibanez basses so the Kmise replacement is Jazz bass style with the narrower nut.

I wanted bright roundwound string to complement the bright maple neck and board so I chose regular light D’Addario XL Nickel strings.
I had to just estimate where to drill the string tree hole but it stays in tune despite me cutting the treble strings too short.
Setup was easy though I just torqued the neck by guess and by golly, then moved the saddles up or down to stop fret buzz.
Intonation is fun and easy, just shorten or lengthen each string using the small Phillips screw at rear of each saddle if the pitch is flat or sharp at the 12th fret.

After each adjustment, tune the string, then test again at the 12th fret. Continue until intonation is good. It’ll never be perfect so don’t fret.


Best location for output jack.

The XL strings combined with the bright white maple neck and board does indeed produce the ringing, bright, piano-like tone I was looking for.
At this point I play a sort of one-man-band melody lead solo bass, so I wanted a big resounding sound.

I’ll never buy another Behringer bass simply because they made so few of them but it sounds sweet.

I’m very happy with the look and the sound and would buy another Kmise neck. For less than $40 USD it looks and sounds good.

Precision bass style basses have the best pickup location for resonance and this one sure resounds. This brightness will fade in time when the strings wear in but I’m enjoying the tone already.

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