Trump’s Many Treasons: Slate Magazine

Here’s a link to William Saletan’s Slate mag piece on Trump’s many betrayals of the USA and his fellow Americans since before he ‘won’ the election.

You don’t need a Mueller Report to discern Trump’s treason. He’s always been quite open with it.

The loyalty of the rich is always to fellow plutocrats, never to fellow Americans.

“Yes, Trump likes Kim. He likes Putin, Xi, Erdogan, Mohammed bin Salman, and many other authoritarians. Trump doesn’t want sanctions on any of these fine fellows. He just wants trade deals, arms deals, and some help in the Middle East. In exchange, he’ll defend their assaults on American citizens and residents, and he’ll attack any American who challenges their lies. You don’t need Mueller’s report to tell you that. You just need your eyes.”

Image via Slate Magazine Online

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