Folsom Lake Level is Still High


Granite Beach looking north.

I hiked a bit at Folsom Lake yesterday for the first time in a while.

The lake level is still pretty high at 447.89 feet MSL (136.5m), down from over 460 ft in early June but still lots of water and less beach.


Beek’s Bight.


Mostly granite as far as the eye can see.

I parked at Beek’s Bight, which is still well flooded, and headed north but I didn’t get very far.
The trail was largely submerged and huge granite boulders blocked my way next to the water, making me scramble over and around several piles before I gave up.

Non-migratory Canada geese were the most common wildlife, along with Snowy or Cattle egrets and lizards.

My replaced right hip joint works pretty well one year post surgery, but I think about falls more now and discretion has replaced valor.

Oak Point

So I hiked back after only an hour, with a layer of cottonwood fluff on me from scrambling around and under trees and driftwood, with the stuff floating around and sticking.

Lots of discarded or lost lures, quartz or quartzite, and Muscovite or common mica, dime or nickel sized, eroding out of granite.

Stopped at Oak Point and Granite Beach, taking pictures until I got famished. Beautiful white DG sand on most of the beaches.


Still flooded coves and rocks and trees are the story this time of year, after heavy winter rains.

Hiked up the bluff above Granite Beach to shoot toward the dam. Lots of water, I imagine lots of fish, and very few visitors since school started.

A good time to visit, only a few obnoxious jet skis fouling the air, water and quiet.


Folsom dam, center, in the distance.

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