Sold A Beatle Bass: Bought a Godin Freeway 4

Sold my Rogue VB100 Beatle bass on Craigslist yesterday for $127USD.

The sound was nice, Sir Paul like in tone with flatwound Labella strings providing woody thump.

But ergonomic problems over the viola shape meant trade it, sell it or do more Physical Therapy.

So today I rushed over to Loyalty Pawn #3 to buy this 4-string Canadian Godin Freeway 4  bass.

Controls are Volume/Volume/Tone so blending bridge and neck pickup is easy.

I checked out the OLP 5-string and the Yamaha BB305 but this Godin was calling me.

I brought with me a clip-on tuner, headphones and my fragile battered Vox bass headphone amp to try them out. The Freeway 4 did not disappoint.

Maple neck, looks like rosewood fretboard. Possibly mahogany body.

Condition was excellent with few scratches or dings, strung with nice thumpy not-too-bright roundwound strings of unknown brand or age.

Glossy black finish with slight metalflake and hip no-pickguard design.

Looks like Godin makes all the components. Machine heads are the compact type and work smoothly.

Bridge is duel mode, with this string set passing through the body.

No detectable humming noise, unlike the cheap basses I usually buy, everything looks and feels very high quality, at least equal to a MIM Jazz I once owned.

I learned on Ibanez basses so the narrow nut and neck suit me, my one pet peavy on the P-bass.

Strings thread through body or bridge.

Neck finish is gloss, fret ends are smooth. A good neck, easy to play. Even the setup was fine with minimal intonation needed.

From 1999?

Pawnshops are like Craigslist,  a souk, casbah or flea market, you’re expected to haggle.

I offered  $190, we settled on $200 so he wrote the price as $185.61 so he paid the tax of $14.36-I got a penny back.

The Godin branded pickups are arranged in the usual P/J placements and are hot and powerful and precise, I loved them.

Of course I could hear finger noise as usual when student me plays roundwound strings.

But these mystery strings were thumpy, powerful and not too bright. So I don’t need to change them for expensive flatwounds.

Neck pocket is tighter than on my MIJ P-bass.

I have been busy playing this thing but I haven’t yet tried to make that burpy-bridge-pup Seinfeld bass sound, one reason I wanted a P/J style in the first place.

Plenty of time I guess. Pretty sure this Godin is my main daily player now and a keeper.

[31 Aug 2019-Posted this on and was informed the small strap pegs are Schaller locking type for which I need an adapter. But my ErnieBall locking strap seems to hold OK.]

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