Quarantine and Social Distance On Miner’s Ravine Trail

Miner’s Ravine trail on Dry Creek in Roseville, California, has been justly popular for years.
2020-04-23 22.14.15
Especially since the trail now extends all the way to Darling Way, near the BMX park, and right through downtown.
2020-04-23 22.10.32
With the new Civic Center, two new bridges and the antique refurbished, repainted and repositioned ice plant bridge. All for bikes and walkers.
2020-04-23 22.12.02
This paved and mostly level multi use path is frequented by walkers, bikers, strollers, scooters, skateboards and everything else on wheels.
2020-04-23 22.09.28
More now than ever because of COVID-19 restrictions people want to safely get out of the house.

And the trail provides an opportunity for just that and healthy outdoor movement too.
2020-04-23 22.08.15
Catching the virus outdoors while social distancing is just about unheard of.

And movement, sunlight and nature are prescribed for cheer, energy, soothing and tranquility.
2020-04-23 22.05.58
Some trail users are masked and some are not but there is nearly always room to keep distance out there.

Naturally you need to stay home if you don’t feel well.
2020-04-23 22.11.24
From where I drop into the trail at the bridge over Dry Creek on Folsom Road to where the trail ends on Darling Way takes about six or eight minutes. Same for return.
2020-04-23 22.05.18
Going back west the other way, from the old trail start point at Folsom Road bridge, to the older footbridge over the creek at Harding Boulevard, takes another six or eight minutes. Plus the same time back-it’s flat.
So for me on my ancient homebuilt Peugeot single-speed bike and my new right hip joint it’s a nice easy jaunt.
2020-04-23 22.12.53
The whole trip takes just less than a half hour depending on winds and how hard I push it.
2020-04-23 22.06.38
And my speed also depends on foot, dog, child, stroller, bike, fisher people, and skate traffic I will need to slow down for, as well as the wind and my condition.
2020-04-23 22.16.47
The trail, creek and parks alongside are Roseville municipal treasures.

But you need to stay especially alert out there on Miner’s Ravine Trail these strange and mournful days.
2020-04-23 22.07.19
The trail and water and parks have seldom been busier. Because now trail users appreciate them and use them more than the old ‘usual’.

And because there are still not many places you can go to enjoy being out of the house safely and enjoyably.
2020-04-23 22.02.14
Use them, and stay well.

Images taken with old Galaxy S5 mobile phone.

All text and images, unless noted, by todgermanica.com.

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