The Mad King’s Speech

Trump stepped on his dick as usual on US Independence Day with a hate filled Richard Nixon impression and racist dog whistles.

No mention of pandemic, economic collapse, Russian death bounties, cops continuing to kill Black people…
Donald Trump
Instead, boiler plate bombastic faux patriotic drivel sandwiched, as in a shit sandwich, between vicious attacks on American citizens.
So as usual or even as always with trump, hatred is all he has to sell. He can only divide us to profit. He can’t even fake empathy.

The earthbound misfit blog posts the Declaration of Independence and I was stunned to see how many of George III’s crimes were also trump’s. My comment:
Wow, trump has actually done all the evil and harmful acts that the Founding Fathers accused George III of doing. We need a Declaration of Independence from trump.

And if I notice something that glaring so has all the sentient cybersphere.
Via crooks and liers:
As David Rothkopf writes:
[King] George is condemned for, among other offenses, having refused to approve laws that are “necessary for the public good,” for bullying governors, for blocking reasonable legislative progress, for blocking immigration to the states, for “obstructing the Administration of Justice,” for bending the judiciary to his will, for seeking to make the military “independent of and superior to the Civil Power,” for conspiring “with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution,” “for cutting off our Trade with all parts of the world,” and for having “excited domestic insurrections amongst us.” Any of those grievances sound familiar?
Donald Trump, Hate, July 4th, racism

I think trump is toast unless Putin’s hacker crew again shows superb technical craftsmanship and deep understanding of American weaknesses-thanks to the help of home grown traitors in addition to the Mad King.
We must also laud the traditional brilliance of Russian/Bolshevik/Soviet/Russian intelligence, subversion, sedition, murder, terror, propaganda. None better.

And we’ll see if our hapless and now enfeebled FBI continues its accurate foot marksmanship leading to another Putin election subversion coup, 2016 style. Like he just pulled in Russia to be made Czar for life.

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2 thoughts on “The Mad King’s Speech

  1. What was maddening to me at Mount Rushmore he had peaceful native American protestors removed from THEIR land which is what Mount Rushmore sits on. I know it was a photo op for his racist base but we are still re-enacting the sins of our white ancestors. He wants to preserve Confederate statues while he desecrates sacred land of the Lakota Sioux.

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  2. Trump has never made any distinction between protesters marching and rioters and always conflates them. He has called them terrorists and has called on police forces, specifically the NYPD, to beat and suppress the peaceful marchers. I guess we’ll find out in November if the GOP hate wins again. Thanks for the comment.

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