The American Rich: Natural National Traitors

I originally posted this as a comment on EB-misfit blog.

Sure, trump is a weak and cowardly draft dodger who holds the military in utter contempt for being suckers and losers. But, worst than that to him, they are poor.

This attitude toward service is nothing new and is in fact the default point of view of the rich. It is always ‘a rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight’ as the poor, non-slaver confederate troops said.*

Maybe some of the 1% did serve in WWII but strings were always pulled so the rich boys served behind the lines as REMFs.

Despite the draft and the theoretical equality of the odds on serving in Vietnam I met exactly zero rich people when I was there 11 months 1970-71.

Like trump, college deferment, hasty marriages, bogus medical issues from corrupt (or sympathetic) doctors (WTF are ‘bone spurs’?) and every other trick was used to keep the rich boys out of danger.

That’s because the loyalty of the rich is always to their money and to their privileged social class** and never to their country. That’s why trump will gladly turn traitor, serving Vlad and Russia and China and Turkey-anybody who will pay him.

The rich cannot be loyal to the USA or democracy because if actual democracy ever happened in the US then rational voters would again vote in the marginal tax rates of the Eisenhower era, about 90%.

When the US economy, government, unions and society were most prosperous and equal. And the rich still stayed very rich and even got much richer.***

Unless taxed and subdued by democracy the rich are natural national traitors, their loyalty is always to their riches.

It has always been so and will remain so until there is better equality and opportunity for all here. So eat the rich, with fava beans and a nice chianti.

*Let’s not forget Union Civil War ‘substitute’ draftees and ‘bounties’.

**I left out parasitic.

***YMMV if you were not a white man back then. I’m very much generalizing here.

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One thought on “The American Rich: Natural National Traitors

  1. I agree. The deaf, dumb and blind Trump cultists now have to ignore Trump’s own words about downplaying the virus as captured by Bob Woodard on tape. What if you lost a loved one to the virus and still vote Trump? Truth is stranger than fiction.

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