Harmony Short-Scale Bass Fix-up

Here’s how the old Harmony H906 short-scale hocky stick neck bass looked when I ‘won’ it from Goodwill Auctions for $90. Very rough, used a bunch so somebody loved it.

I dismantled it to sand, paint and foil up the cavity.

Sanded with 220 then 330 grit but no putty fill. Painted with scavenged car engine block paint.

The paint was a dark sea-foam engine block enamel with ceramic so it won’t burn up if I get hot playing it.

I used mismatched knobs from my parts bin, showing the Harmony of dark and light. Or else I’m too cheap to buy parts.

I sanded to 320 grit but didn’t fill in dents. Pots and output jack needed cleaning and I had to do lots of set-up before it sounded nice.

Short scale therefore easy to play. Big humbucker sound. Lightweight too.

Chrome bridge was too rusty so I painted it black.

The strings are very bright D’Addarrio XL Nickels showing up my every fingering error with a scrape sound.

I’m unsure about what the switches do.
I broke the pot metal string depressor so I made this one out of a bamboo chopstick.
Here’s the goddess of Harmony admonishing Discord with the sword of Fifths and Octaves.

A nice old hocky stick neck Harmony short scale with twin mighty humbucker pickups and sexy offset body for $90 USD. A good deal and a new sound for me.

All text and images by todgermanica.com unless otherwise noted.

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