Go Big, Joe, Then Go Home

Go big Joe. McConnell is pretty sure he’ll be back in charge of obstructing democracy in 2022 and he’s probably right. When you take power you need to use it, like Republicans do, not try for bipartisanship when the other side are bad faith actors working for our nation’s enemy, Russia and its murderous oligarchs.
Statehood for PR, DC and Virgin Islands. Reform (drop the word ‘packing’ forever) the Supremes by fixing the number of justices at 29 and setting term limits; appoint 250 lower level judges. Resign in favor of Harris when the country is stabilized and send these retro boomers back home to rock on the porch with a nice iced tea. Go big and then go home, Joe. Last chance to save democracy.”

  1. All text and images by todgermanica.com unless noted. And no images and barely text from fuckingwordpress at this time-see previous post.
  2. [Later: Please don’t let WordPress host your blog. I say this as a 5-year user. Their ‘updates’ have made the user interface unusable.
  3. It’s fucking out of control. Why the he’ll is it numbering things now?]
  4. I give up.

2 thoughts on “Go Big, Joe, Then Go Home

  1. Did you contact WordPress technical support? Any comments on google about this upgrade from other users?

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    • Now you’re being all logical when it’s more fun to rant. It was always a chore to work around WP’s flaky interface and now I guess I’ll need to learn the new steaming heap Block Editor or give up blogging. Contact wordpress? Ha. WTF is a block?
      Thanks for the comment.

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