West Marine Port Runner Folding Bike

I bought this West Marine Port Runner 6-speed folding bike for $80 USD at my local charity thrift store.

They do a nice job cleaning and lubing their bikes and this one was clean and gently used basically needing nothing except to be ridden.

I’ve schlepped my old steel frame single-speed Dahon Boardwalk folder all over the West in my small Mazda 3 sedan so this lightweight aluminum model is an upgrade for me.

My single-speed Dahon Boardwalk in front.

I tried all the gears and brakes in the parking lot, folded it up in the trunk and paid up, a good deal considering that any item bearing the West Marine logo is sure to be priced like a Pentagon toilet.

Looking the bike up online I learned the Port Runner II model had been recalled for frame cracking and breaking.

Nice Shimano SIS Tourney derailleur.

A West Marine rep did quickly answer my query reassuringly but I’ll probably ride my Port Runner pretty sedately anyway just like I ride all my bikes since my hip replacement.

Pedals fold too.

I haven’t weighed it yet but it feels about 2 kg or 5 lbs lighter than my Dahon folder which probably weighs 30 lbs or so.

With the light weight and the gears it’s easy to pedal or to lift and makes short work of the bike trail’s short hills. Gearing is on the low side.

The seat was awful so I swapped in the slightly less brick like sprung Serfas gel seat from the Dahon.

Ergonomically the Dahon is a worse fit for my arthritic frame than the old Dahon, with a shorter tiller post and a seat post that doesn’t extend quite as long either.

But the lighter weight and the handy gears compensate somewhat and it is not a chore to ride or lift or fold, and noticeably lighter to carry for an old person than the steel Dahon.

Yacht people like folding bikes for the same reasons I do. Fun to ride with lots of utility and takes up little space when you’re not riding it. Lots to like.

Older single-speed has taller tiller and longer seat post; fenders too.

Unless noted, all text and images by todgermanica.com.

2 thoughts on “West Marine Port Runner Folding Bike

  1. I bought the same bike from an individual
    It has no brakes or I guess brake pads on front
    Do you have any idea what I need to buy to get the front brakes working
    Thanks for any advice you can give me

    • Gordon, thanks for viewing. That brake looks pretty standard so I’m guessing your local bike shop can sell it to you and install it too for a small fee. Otherwise do what I did, email the West Marine rep and they’ll point you right. Good luck with the fun little folder bike.

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