Raptor Sighting: Cooper’s Hawk vs Sharpshin

I was shocked this hawk let me get so close to take these pics. He pretty much ignored me and scanned the creek bed.

Nikon underwater travel camera on digital zoom so not the sharpest shots.

This is an accipiter hawk, breed unsure. It attacked and grabbed something or other and flew upstream to eat, I guess. Too fast and sudden a swoop to take a pic for sure.

Taken at the refurbished old Ice House bridge in Roseville. Cooper’s hawk or Sharpshin hawk, they look so similar. I’m going with a Coop rather than a sharpie based on size and that Cooper’s hawks are more common.

They say if it’s Robin size then more likely to be a sharpshin- crow sized then probably a Cooper’s hawk. Usually. But, oddly, both types have slightly bigger females so they’re hard to ID. Something something eyes forward on one and centered on the other. Subtle.

Unless noted, all text and images by todgermanica.com.

One thought on “Raptor Sighting: Cooper’s Hawk vs Sharpshin

  1. Nice pictures. I follow a local photographer on Facebook who takes pictures of a nesting pair of bald eagles every year. They have two babies this year. I know exactly where the nest is, next to the bike trail at Lake Natoma. If the wind dies down, I will take a walk and see if I can see them.

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