Cigar Box Octave Bass Guitar DIY Build

Above are the components of my 4-string E A D G instrument thang I am building.

These cigars must have been giants.

I’ve named it Old Handsome Joe. I just now carved and glued in the hardwood nut I fabbed up out of scrap, walnut maybe. Here’s the clamp setup.

I cut the nut extra tall and will lower it with a random orbital sander. Nut might be walnut. Or maybe oak.

This shows how I grafted a Rogue baritone ukulele headstock to my homebuilt hardwood neck (ash? maple?) Thanks to my ancient daddy who is giving up woodworking because of advanced age, for the wood, clamps, sandpaper, screws and tools.

I glued the headstock to the neck with white dairy glue and screwed it down. Later I replaced the screws with wood dowels and sanded. More sanding needed to blend headstock and neck.

The rest of the parts needed. I want to use the stainless steel sink strainers for sound hole covers.

I’m unsure if I will paint the bridge, modified from a guitar bridge I found, or sand it down to bare wood.

The inside is so pretty its a shame it will never be seen.

Not too much left to do: cut down and attach the neck to the box; grind down and cut nut and bridge, and attach bridge to box top; install strings. Tune up, troubleshoot. Go a busking. Profit $!

Or else, you know, just play it.

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