Cigar Box Contra Bass DIY Build: Part II

Part II of my cigar box tenor bass build. Sanded down the neck and also the new red oak nut. This is before finishing with tung oil.

Daddy gave me all manner of sanders, rubber sanding block, various grades of paper and crocus cloth so the neck, board and headstock are very smooth. And hopefully level.

Daddy also gave me these planes and shaping tool to make it easy to plane down the overly thick neck at the base. Vintage, quality tools. Sharp too. That’s how you know it’s not my tool. Yet. Thanks, daddy.

Rummaging in my hoarder’s garage I found this unopened can of Hope’s pure tung oil, no petroleum thinners ($11.19 USD!). Looks like clear honey. Beautiful stuff. Alleged to be non-toxic.

Here is what one coat looks like. I’m liable to do more coats. Nice result, silky smooth.

The sharp planes made short work thinning the base of the neck. Next step after one or two more tung oil coats will be to cut down the neck to correct length and then cut notches into the cigar box to fit it in.

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