A Photo Gallery, 2021

Self portrait with bridge and flowers.

Most of these pics I published on this blog. This is my third gallery, last was in 2017. Some of the better wide scenic shots I cropped north-to-south and posted to the site’s random eye candy auto header picture.

We start in Roseville, California, USA. My home town.

The refurbished, relocated Ice House bridge spanning Dry Creek in Roseville, Placer Co, California.
Snowy or cattle egret, Dry Creek.
Folsom Lake.
There’s a pink one, and a green one, and a yellow one, just the same.
Mighty Gertrude, Queen of Denmark.
Folsom Lake in drought.
Folsom Lake in spate.
Oh please, don’t take Blue Bear.
Geese on Loon Lake.
Mt Tamalpais.
Sacramento. Tower Bridge and the Ziggurat building.
San Joaquin River at Antioch
The power of the mighty Precision Bass.
Rock on, ma brotha.

Unless noted, all text and images by todgermanica.com.

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