Gallery 2021: Mexico

My last sunset in Todos Santos, BCS, Mexico.

After a month in Baja I flew out with covid on my tail early this year. Felt lucky to have got to travel and lucky I got out in time. I cannot imagine being sick in Mexico. It would be grim.

Seen in La Paz, the Capitol.
See La Paz’s long and beautiful seaside promenade, the Malecon, before it is submerged forever.

I thought I’d spend more than a day in La Paz but it was chilly and breezy so I decamped back to Todos Santos. It was like coming home.

Art is everywhere you turn in Todos Santos.
Remembering the dead is important in Mexico.
Coffee addicts seriously need to visit Mexico.
The food varied but could be very good.

But eating twice a day in restaurants was untenable if you tend to eat paleo style like me: excess salt (as in all restaurants), industrial grain oils in everything, bad carbs a’plenty, legumes and chips at every meal, beer often comes with the meal.

So for my health by week three I was shopping at the markets for apples, bananas, avocados, celery, carrots, nuts, tomatoes, tuna, jerky…the same stuff I eat at home.

And I found one place that would cook me fish, rice, veg, meat (rarely), mashed potatoes, shrimp, cooked without corn oil, hot spices, or excess salt, no beans, no chips, no tortillas, no cervesa.

They were a bit shocked I’d turn down half the meal but happy to have a customer. Once you start eating paleo you can’t go back to the SAD (Standard American Diet). Or the standard Mexican diet either. And I love beer but my BP does not.

Super Bowl Sunday, Todos Santos. Our team lost.
The Mexicans call these Los Lobos del mar. Sea wolves.
Near San Jose del Cabo.
Sea urchin and coral.
Chumming the tropical fishes for us tourists.
A pre-covid era, no social distancing in them days.
Our catamaran, El Caborey, is in the Sea of Cortez. Over yonder beyond the arch is the Pacific Ocean.
You can party hearty at Cabo, open bar.
The Pacific Ocean can be viewed through these rock crevices.
Civic ceremony, San Jose del Cabo.
Cabo Inn, former brothel, Cabo San Lucas.
Theater, Todos Santos.
Horses are beloved here.
Hotel Maria Bonita, Todos Santos.
Hotel cat, El Pescadero.

My last sunset in Baja. This is unretouched. Even the locals were stunned.

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