Stagg MB300 Stingray Clone Bass

This is a Stagg MB300 BK 4-string similar to the costly famous EBMM Stingray line of ‘active’ electric basses.

My Afghanistan music stand man at Denio’s flea market had it displayed so I said ‘how much?’ His grave face smiles, ‘one thousand dollars’.

I say, ‘that’s good but would you take fifteen hundred?’ It’s our comedy routine. I hope he has nobody in trouble in the old country.

‘One hundred dollars’. Great condition, bright strings, low action. Been searching for a good 4-string Ray clone for years after buying a pretty OLP 5-string clone and discovering I can’t play 5-string bass.

I say ‘let me take it home and play it’. He says ‘here’s the gig bag came with it’. What a guy.

Not an active bass and not tuners three-on-one-side-one-on-the-other and so not a Stingray clone exactly but in most other respects similar. Distinctive Ray style ovoid pickguard.

Fat humbucking pickup situated well aft toward weird ridged rayish chrome bridge. Straight maple neck and board, cheapness betrayed by fret ends lack of smoothing.

Came strung with mystery red wrapped roundwound strings that sound bright and thumpy with lots of mids and lows in humbucking fashion.

I’m not saying it sounds like a Musicman because I’ve only ever played one at GC so I don’t know. But I liked the tone and I like the Stagg sound as well.

Famous Stingray vertical smile.

These are discontinued but are still around in Russia, Egypt, US and Canada for around $250 plus shipping or sometimes free.

I’m getting it for $100usd which I don’t think you can beat considering even CL or yard sales are probably asking $150.

And strings I don’t really need to change, gig bag and no cost trial for a week. Be a fool not to buy it. So I did.

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