GOP Strives for 2nd US Civil War

United States demographic change has unhinged the Republican party. They never did advocate or advance policies that could help people, only repressive and corrupt churches and corporations.

Because some of that help could trickle down to black and brown US citizens. Who are uniformly not considered to be ‘real Americans’ by Republicans, the party of US racists.

The usual varying 35-47% of voters who are racist, authoritarian , ‘religious’, ‘patriotic’, ignorant, deplorable, neo-Confederate, treasonous assholes elected Donald J trump. Like Hitler, never an elected majority.

And the dead end cultists/scam victims will certainly vote for him again when told to by Fox, ONAN, Sinclair, Murdock, Putin etc. The big grifters pulling the strings of the little orange grifter.

This despite Trumpite covid actions and attitudes that condemned thousands if not millions of US citizens to a painful, unnecessary, and lonely early death for his perceived political advantage.

And because he is a vengeful, nasty, cowardly, cringing, preening, narcissist and pychopath who always attacks and cannot change.

This is what his supporters love and adore about trump. His vileness. Their perfect reflection, trump’s only genius.

It is impossible for the self-deluded weak minded man to admit being a mark and a fool. Better death by covid than to have to admit your bedrock beliefs are wrong and evil, like literally everything trump has done his entire life.

And since the US loves ‘reality teevee’, mass Nuremberg tiki torch rallies, flag waving watery powerboat stampedes with sinkings, flag waving violent ‘rolling coal’ giant pickup truck convoys, thug violence from the GOP Freikorp (think Cops Live, only assaulting the imaginary Antifa in their Foxed up addled brains), look for a return of all this.

With, again, wall to wall coverage of tfg’s every lie, cause who can’t get enough of that screaming orange man.

Who, it is evident, will not be indicted and will not serve. Like his flag-waving brown shirt thug DC coup plotters and cop killers. Who will get a stern talking to and a ruler slap on the wrist from Sister Mary Elephant, and you know how strong she is.

While the big dicks behind the insurrection, Cruz, Cawthorn, Gym Jordan, Rand Paul, Gaetz, McCarthy et al, traitors to the United States and its constitution, continue to serve Putin and trump to this day.

An incredibly lucretive long-running scam on the uneducated, brainwashed, racist, mysoginist, ‘religious’, ‘patriotic’, authoritarian, traitorous, literally contagious, low IQ, ignorant, conspiracy minded, paste eating, cousin fucking, degenerate traitors who are the Republican party.

And, foreign readers, they are every man Jackie of them armed to the tooth (meth) with military grade AR-15 semiautomatic assault rifles, and thousands of rounds. Or something.

Here’s why rigid, top down, repressive governance does not last long. Nobody wants to tell the almighty god king emperor the facts. Truth can be fatal, so no correction of governing is possible.

Stalin gulaged you, Hitler sent you to the camps or strangled you with piano wire, trump could only ‘you’re fired’, denigrate, and sic Putin’s online bot mob after his perceived enemy/friend of ten minutes ago. Does not know what loyalty means.

Putin prefers polonium, on a spiked umbrella tip, or nerve agent spread on a doorknob. And defenistration. Always fatal. Poisoned while trying to escape, as the Soviet joke goes.

Same with the neo-Confederate traitors trying to reinstate their racist god-king today. These fools and pawns live in their own bubble of hate, social media allowing them affirmation from fellow stooges and Putin-bots on line.

Just like in the original Civil War, they’re convinced one reb can beat ten Yankees. DemonCrap pedo cannibals don’t have guns and can’t shoot anyhow. Us real Americans will win the new Civil War.

It looks as though these violent cultists cannot be made loyal to the United States and remain traitorous, building toward the reinstallaton of trump.

That or Civil War. ‘The Storm’ is what the vile Q movement, an integral part of the Republican party and message, calls their insurrection plans.

So far the pushback against GOP treason has been weak. This is a signal to traitors that violent revolution against the US (by white people) carries no bad consequences. Any crimes committed can be corruptly, summarily, retroactively or automatically pardoned, as trump demonstrated.

Once in power you will no longer even need the corrupt, racist, plutocratic, gerrymandered, voter surpressed system that you used to seize power (with Russian help).

I hope the Republican Q party of trump and Putin and Cruz and Jordan don’t continue toward civil war. And don’t continue to lead their cultists to violence.

But you know where that 15% of US voters who are traitors live in your neighborhood, don’t you? Because they are still waving treason banners and desecrated ‘blue line’ United States flags. So we know who they are and what they’re planning.

I generally don’t give advise and I can’t prognosticate but this might be a good time for target practice in the woods or at the range. And though 9mm ammunition is quite expensive these days, I might stock up anyway.

Like my ex-prison screw Trumpite neighbor Carl, one house down. The cops came and again hauled his screeching wife, Screaming Margaret, back to the loony bin for bashing in our neighbor’s crawl space door. Convinced lesbians were living under there.

They are crazy, armed and revolting against our country. Use extreme caution. These rigid extremists are very fragile and delicate and easily explode into verbal or actual violence if challanged.

Images here via the Web.

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