Flea Market Vintage Old Town Sailing Canoe

So this is my latest folly, a flea market $200 Old Town sailing canoe. Paying for it was easy compared to getting it in my back yard. Got to do my PT tonight.

It’s missing the sail, mast, boom and dagger type leeboards but otherwise looks very sound. Luckily the complex cast aluminum flipup rudder and elaborate folding tiller have survived.

I asked the seller if it tipped over easily and he claimed the leeboard helped stabilize it. It is hell for stout, felt like 70 lbs (30kg).

Super cute folding anchor.

And wide of beam, 36″ (85cm), flat bottom, small keel, round mast step in the forward thwart, always-attached metal gudgeon fixed to stern. Moulded in pockets on each side for the dagger-leeboard.

Some scuffing on bow keel needs light glass/epoxy, spot paint. Inside is stained but solid.

I need to do some web search on OT sailing canoes and what shape and size sail, mast and dagger-leeboards I will need.

But as is it’s quite usable, if practically almost impossible for solo me to get it up and down the roof rack, short as my car is. I just man handled it down, sliding it down and off my trunk lid with a thump, no harm done once.

But that’s not practical- not to mention solo deadlifting it up and sliding it on the roof rack to actually paddle or sail it.

Lovely decals, a well traveled boat and an award winner.

Overall condition is very good with the usual scratches, stains and surface scuffs, nothing structural and easily fixed.

From the web, I’ll need to build something like this for a sail, mast, booms and dagger-leeboards.

It’s an Old Town but no model number is displayed.

Here’s the pop up rudder, tiller and hike out extension.

Mast step in forward thwart. Very sturdy.

I’ve not seen very many pics of these canoes online. The sail is a triangle and a lateen type, the missing boards were originally mahogany but the wood I will use probably won’t be.

So now I’ve got my work cut out for me. I already have an ex windsurfer carbon fiber mast and sail I can modify for it but I need to find some online sails and board pics I can copy.

Unless noted, all images and text by todgermanica.com.

5 thoughts on “Flea Market Vintage Old Town Sailing Canoe

  1. Are you going to sail it at Folsom Lake? Hope there is enough water there by the time you get it finished.


    • Plenty of water in the lake right now and its perfectly usable already as a paddle canoe. But when I rig it for sail then lots more of the lake will be reachable since sailing is faster. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Wow what a nice boat. Didn’t you have something similar before on Folsom lake? I’ll have to find my paddle

    • Yes, in fact I’ve paddled two large white fiberglass canoes on Folsom Lake, one of which dumped me and A in the water twice in five minutes at Lake Natoma. Then me and you paddled that blue and white Nona canoe there.
      And we also tried sailing that defective home built dinghy that would not go upwind there off Granite Beach too.
      But I’ve never tried sailing a canoe anywhere. Should be exciting if we can keep from swimming too much. We should be able to see twice the lake area at sailing speed. So find your life vest and paddle. Let’s go.

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