Betty Boop Takes Japan: A Language All Her Own

I’m a big fan of the kid’s cartoon and sketch comedy show Toon In With Me.

They just showed the delightful 1935 Max and Dave Fleischer classic B&W Betty Boop cartoon A Language All My Own.

Betty’s GPS.

They called her sweet Betty and this one is as sweet as can be despite that day’s Japan being today’s Russia.

Lady Liberty points the way.

Betty sings the title song at her hit show in New York to great acclaim.

Then she hops in her tiny flying flivver for a nonstop solo flight to Japan. Amelia Earhart had recently flown the Pacific Ocean solo so she was very popular.

Literally the Land of the Rising Sun.

Much like the visiting Babe Ruth’s and nineteen MLB players’ recent tumultuous reception of 500,000 Japanese baseball fans, Betty’s boffo roadshow is SRO, to say the least.

After belting out her signature number in English she quick changes into traditional kimono and reprises it in perfect (to my ear) Japanese.

The crowd goes wild, showering her with flowers and gifts.

Which she straps down to her airplane and flies home a happy girl.

The Fleischers made the short in response to Betty’s popularity in Japan, where her image was ruthlessly pirated and made into every imaginable knick knack.

Image via Ebay.
Often the copyists mixed different studios’ pirated characters: here’s Charlie Chaplin, among others.

Betty is the godmother of Manga because of her ‘Big Eyes’ influence on the originator of anime, Osamu Tezuka.

“Dr. Tezuka is known in Japan as manganokamisama which literally translates as “god of comics.” His work continues to influence and inspire every artist in Japan, as every anime or manga that EVER uses “large eyes” to make the characters more appealing pays homage to Tezuka…”

Betty with Mickey. Probably grooming her /s.

It is not true that the animators sneaked in naughty imagery in the Japanese lyrics (below).

A Language All My Own

Got a language of my own known in every foreign home

You surely know it is Boop-Boop-Be-Doop-Boop-Boop-Be-Doop!

If you sing it when you’re sad it will always make you glad

You surely know it is Boop-Boop-Be-Doop!

If you’re near or far doesn’t matter where you are

Sung in every land or the ocean

Bop! Boop-Boop-Be-Doop!

It’s a song for harmony

If you’ll only sing with me

Aww, come on and join me with



Hitotu Daijina Toteyo ki Kotoba Sore Wa Watashino!



Kokoro Hisomeba Naosaranokoto Utai Odore!



Wakaretemo Kokorowa Hitotu Mimini Todomete!



Onajimi-samaya Makoto-wamuneni Sorede ii desho?


However this was the last cartoon where she gets to wear micro skirts, garter and show so much decolletage. The Junior No Sex League of the ascendant Hays Office saw to that.

So thanks for a fine show and a sweet song, sweet Betty.

Images via Betty Boop wikis


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