My Latest Paleo Vegetable Stew

I’ve made this same stew for years, the same yet different every time.

It evolves and consists of whatever is in the fridge, and I load up on produce I overbought or neglected to cook.

So throw in anything you like, no stew batch will be like the last one. Here’s version 2022.12.

Prep time 45 minutes. Cook time 35-50 minutes.

Chop vegetables so they all are cooked at the same time. Ingredients are mostly organic.


Organic bone broth, quart or liter at least, plus cup or more water

Three carrots

Three large golden potatoes

Plenty celery

3-4 cloves garlic

3-4 green onions

Jerky seasoned chopped pork bits rescued from the dehydrator

Tablespoon butter and olive oil

1/3 cup rice

Salt, black pepper, other seasoning to taste.

Sauté meat in your cookpot with butter and olive oil for a few minutes.

Pour in chopped veggies, then stir it all together a few more minutes.

Add stock (chicken bone broth + beef bone broth + 25% water is what I used) until full boil is reached.

Stir. Then turn heat to medium, aiming for a low boil.

Stir in salt,

black pepper

2-3 bay leaves



chili powder

red pepper

cayenne pepper

turmeric (slight)




parsley- added last just before eating.

Add rice partway through cooking.

Cook uncovered on low boil about 40-50 minutes stirring occasionally.

Ready to eat when ingredients are correct consistency. Add preheated stock or water during cooking to get the right liquid-to-produce ratio.

Eat with plain yogurt, cottage cheese, crumbled Ak-Mak crackers, pickles, grated parmasan cheese or whatever the hell you want.

Don’t let guests eat the organic FKA Turkish bay leaves.

Text composed, images shot and blog posted using Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 lite

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2 thoughts on “My Latest Paleo Vegetable Stew

    • It turned out tasty, gonna save a qt for my daughter coming down from the coast, let my hermit pal eat some as well. And some of the pork jerky too, it’s his dehydrator on permanent loan! You almost can’t over spice paleo food but sometimes, cooks say, adding too many different flavors and spices can cancel out. Three different meat flavors and mondo many spices. I like it but I might have gone too far. I’ll see what family and friend say. Thanks so much for the comment and good luck with the new blog. I recommend it as therapy, along with bass guitar. And cooking.

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