PHI VILLA Zero Gravity Chair: A Review

Delivers Comfort
I’ve used gravity chairs for years, easing the usual back pain of the very experienced back. They commonly cost $60-75 USD in discount stores and my two year old one was about worn out.

I was looking for higher quality, greater tilt back, positive seatback locks and more comfort. The common GC is lightweight, weather resistant, relatively comfortable and affordable.

But built to a price, the angle locks are weak, the fabric sags with wear limiting back comfort, hard seat with no upholstery, dozing would improve with a few degrees more back tilt.

The friction flaps provided on most of GCs don’t positively lock the seat angle either, especially with some wear. You find yourself creeping flat no matter how hard you pull the brakes.

The phi villa chair is an improvement because it uses locking levers with tenons that rise up into slots on the bottom of the armrest, more positive than mere friction.

It also does provide a bit more tilt back for napping, and also a more upright angle by a few degrees than my old commodity GC did, allowing TV tray tables easier use.

The colorful padding looks nice and sturdy and improves comfort 100% over my thin sagged old worn chair. The lumbar and upper back support are good, allowing the shoulders to roll back.

The provided headrest seems functional and the holder holds cups and phones. From the maker the chair cost $129.95 USD, no added tax or shipping charges, and came within about a week via FedEx, fully assembled, with instruction sheet, headrest and cup holder shelf.

The chair is lightweight, easily folded and easy to move. I’m curious to see if age, use and weather exposure affect it. Folding chairs are easy to forget outside, causing sun, rain, and rust damage.

The grommet area weakens, the fabric and strings rotting away. The weak friction brakes then fail entirely with age on the usual GC, so I’m curious to see if the phi villa locking brakes will last better.

I’m enjoying the afternoon sun in comfort now. I throw it in the trunk when I visit my pal. A good looking functional product that upgraded my outdoor and porch lounging. Highly recommended.

One safety warning needed: NEVER wrap your fingers all the way around the armrest while moving the seatback up or down. You can get a powerful blood blister finger pinch!

And this chair’s clever locking slots under there feel sharp enough to abrade skin as well. So always keep your fingers only on top, front or sides of armrests when changing back angles.

Keep fingers away from the bottom of the armrest when moving backrest up or down!

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