Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Weed Brownies In a Toaster Oven

[Update 11 March, 2023: The day after I posted this I see Bon Appétit has a comparison of brownie kits, baked per the box instructions.]

[Not baked in a cheap toaster oven and mangling the recipe like I did, they agreed Ghiradelli brownies come out way too sweet, “…sweet to the point of cloying… like frosting.” LOL, TG.]

I’m arthritic enough to like the distraction from constant pain that weed gives, and the mild euphoria and anti-anxiety effects. But the cost is so high so quit buying strong store-bought weed in favor of this free, donated stuff.

After Mendo Mulcher.

And of course smoking anything except salmon is deleterious to lungs and other organs, including some of the same bad chemicals you get from cigarettes, which I also used in my relative youth,

So since I’m smoking weak pot and cutting down, I thought I’d try pot brownies as ‘edibles’, buying this Ghirardelli brownie kit with included chocolate chips.

I modified the recipe to fit what I had on hand and what I like.

I found this brand new metal baking pan for a dollar the day before at a thrift shop, close enough to the correct 9×9 inch size, shown with the butter I used to grease the pan.

I don’t use ‘vegetable oil’ (always rancid industrial grain oils) 1/3 cup of which was called for. So I substituted butter and organic coconut oil, which worked quite well.

I sifted out maybe an eighth of an ounce of the donated not very powerful reefer and stirred it into the batter. I greased the pan with butter.

Batter consists of one mondo expensive free-range organic egg, the aforementioned 1/3 cup oil, 1/4 cup water, and the dough mix, with chocolate chips.

Stir throughly and spread it evenly in the greased baking pan. I pushed the nuts into the batter before cooking.

Preheat your toaster oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Then bake for about a half hour depending on your pan’s size and material.

They took some cutting but came out with no trouble. The consensus of opinion was ‘tasty’, by a panel of three (me and two family members).

Probably overcooked by a few minutes. Toaster oven temperature control is frequently not up to specs.

Nobody felt anything especially pschotropic. Just that you need a coffee to drink with the brownies to cut the ultra sweetness of the double chocolate + chocolate chip combo.

Ina and Martha never show you this part. They probably have scullery stooges to do the cleaning up. I need to be my own scullery stooge.

I’m a chocolate addict but seldom eat many brownies, finding them a bit sweet. Even so, I gave some away and ate all the rest so nothing was wasted, not even me.

Like the package says ‘Better Chocolate, Better Brownies.’ Rated ‘tasty’ by our unbiased panel.

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