Old Town Canoe DIY Thwart and Sail Ideas

With rudder removed, short keel, and dead flat bottom lacking any rocker, it’ll be hard to turn.

Better suited to open lakes, where the keel won’t hang on rocks, with wide open spaces for turning. Image via eBay.

It’s been too wet and chilly in north central California to work outside on my Old Town Wahoo sailing canoe.

And the local lakes are filled to the brim with cold, just melted Sierra snow and ice water, not perfect for tippy experimental canoes.

Thwart mounted flip-up leeboards were an option but mine is the twin daggerboard version as above. Which don’t rotate up. Image via eBay.
Image via Solway Dory.

So I’ve had plenty of time to think about rigging my vintage sailing canoe, and searching for ideas.

Image via Wooden Boats magazine.
Image courtesy Vincent Mazeau, Pinterest.

The web has lots of DIY canoe rig pics as examples. And I don’t mind the delay from the chilly damp Spring as the Great Valley will soon be enough hot enough to melt lead on my car hood.

Image courtesy Larry Zuk, canusail.org, very simple thwart.

And the literally record breaking snow and rain means the lakes will be perfect this summer when it finally warms up.

This blogger didn’t use his windsurfer sail’s pocket, instead installing grommets to allow quick sail dowsing in gusts.

An elegant and simple DIY rig. Note added inflatable flotation bag in bow. Image via americancanoe.

So here are some good ideas for me on how to convert my daggerboard canoe (with missing daggerboards) into a flip-up leeboard type with a removable thwart.

Unless noted, all images and text by todgermanica.com.

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