CL Barter Swap: Fitbit for 420

I’ve bought and sold lots of things through Craigslist. But this is the only time Barter has worked for me.

My HMO gives me an included gym membership which I rarely use from covid fear. And this year a free home exercise gizmo like a yoga mat, big ball, fitness tracker etc.

So I jumped through the online hoops and got this Fitbit Inspire 2 fitness tracker (By Google™) in a few days.

Now I just wanted something to measure my heart rate while lifting weights and biking. Not a hot line to EvilGoogle™.

And not the least function without setting up your account with EvilGoogle™. It won’t even give you the time of day, much less your labored pulse rate, until it is set up to phone home.

So I posted it on Sacramento Craigslist Sporting Equip for $40 but no joy, not even a response.

And I also cross posted it in Sacramento Craigslist Barter in possible exchange for bass guitar or 420 (cannabis flowers).

Now stereotypically the CL buyer is usually a tire kicker no-show or a Nigerian web scammer. But no, ‘Ricardo’ shows up, he wants the Fitbit Inspire 2 (by EvilGoogle™) and, after twice or thrice puffing, I want his Wedding Cake ‘strain’ weed.

Though I asked for a quarter oz he actually swapped me more like a half oz Wedding Cake, plus two buds of his own ‘THC Bomb’. Super nice young guy, let me bore him with some walking bass lines.

Super big and potent bud, so much for cutting back.

So thanks ‘Ricardo’ and CL. Forget about Craigslist being dead, once in a blue moon even Barter can bring a deal. Remember, it only takes one.

Bonne Maman, finest of the store-bought jams, good cannabis storage too.

[Postscript: OTOH this attempted Barter got zero response. It’s still up if anyone needs a nice keyboard or boat anchors. But I did sell the fish net!]

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