New Used Recumbent BikeE Project

Here’s my new bike, a BikeE recumbent 27-speed I bought yesterday at a religious cult charity thrift store here in Roseville, California. Place called Acres of Hope.

Weak seat mounts were a recall item but I can’t tell if mine is one of the affected models or not.

It might sound surprising I’d buy another recumbent bike after my 2011 unhappy experience with them.

These capacious cargo bags are said to be pricey and rather rare, lucky mine already has it.

But the condition is pretty good and it does not look abused or worn out. And at $72.88 usd the price was most definitely right.

The kindly religious cult volunteers price every item to end with 88 cents for unknown reasons. But maybe as an homage to the mighty 88 millimeter German Nazi anti-aircraft and anti-tank cannon of WWII.

Weak forks on some models and their recalls helped doom the company. Unknown if my fork is a faulty one.

I got the shop volunteers to unlock it so I could tool around the parking lot before I bought it.

Dont know how it works but obviously the three gears that usually are mounted on the large front crankset are somehow internal to the rear derailleur on the BikeE.

The gears, all of which are vital on a recumbent, worked stiffly at first and then quit shifting altogether.

But I took a little risk and bought it anyhow, figuring the problem was lack of lubrication or out of adjustment, judging by the dust and dry chain.

Tall tiller with short handlebar seemed pretty ergonomic on my short test ride.

Reading up on the the company (the ‘E’ having nothing to do with electric power), now defunct since the early 2000s, I took a bigger risk than I thought since the shifters and derailleurs are out of production and scarce on the ground.

I’m not a very good bicycle gear mechanic either. There’s a good reason most of my bikes are fixie/single-speeds that require zero shifter and derailleur maintenance, having no shifters or derailleurs.

And it also turned more nimbly and is lighter than my first expensive, clumsy, wobbly RANS recumbent I was so very happy to sell off, at a $100 loss, in 2011.

The rear (and only) suspension seemed rather soft on my parking lot test ride. But doing web search I found out the shock is air adjusted so I can pump up the pressure to match my 185 lb weight. Assuming it is still functional.

Surprisingly lightweight to be so long, though I’ve not yet figured out how to weigh it.

Judging by the very good external condition I should be able to get it rolling right without too much work.

Super comfy foamy gel tractor seat with cool nylon mesh backrest, hope it’s not the dangerous recalled type seat support.

Per Duck Duck Go links the brand was a very popular best seller until safety recalls (seat supports and front fork) and lawsuits brought the company down.

And since I paid so little for it I won’t lose money even if I end up hating it and selling it on like I did my first RANS recumbent. Assuming I can get the gears working again, a weak aspect of my bike mechanic skill set.

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