Sandals with Socks-Not a Fashion Statement, It’s Hammer Toe Time!


Most often seen on women wearing high-heeled shoes, these pics show it can also happen to old men in roomy, soft shoes. It’s a curved toe deformity that usually develops over time and I can tell you it can be painful, from the usual aches to shooting pains at night.

hmrtoe_tightHere’s what Healthline says causes the joint dislocation:

-a traumatic toe injury
-an unusually high foot arch
-wearing shoes that don’t fit properly
-tightened ligaments or tendons in the foot
-pressure from a bunion, which is when your big toe points inward toward your second toe

I have had all of the above. There is not much you can do for it if your joints are frozen, the advanced type of hammer toe I have, except surgery. I’m due for that. They’ll slice and dice toes 2 and 3 on my left foot, cutting the joints away essentially, with the scar tissue acting in future as a joint.

Pins will hold it together for some weeks and Physical Therapy (PT) is called for before and after the procedure. I go for PT tomorrow to my therapist, the fabulously named Bryce Cartwright, a man with a wealth of knowledge who has always fixed me up before. Your physical therapist is more important than your doctor.


‘Moleskin’ Padding Can Help


Redness is From Joint Rubbing Shoe Top

Your Kaiser doctor is your gateway to all the specialists who will normally actually treat you, so a simpatico attitude and a willingness to get on board with your health agenda is important. Kaiser allows changing doctors and I had to do that once.

Like your lawyer, your doctor is a consultant you should be able to trust, take their advice, medications and treatment or not; but you should never be condescended to by your paid consultant.

Your health is always at stake and institutions can help and also hinder; if a mistake is made you will pay for it with pain, disablement or death. Avoid all hospitals if possible as disease vectors but small town hospitals especially, their outcomes are often bad. I know these things through personal experience.

Your Kaiser doc should also be intelligent and up to date on medicine but don’t count on the latter, years out of medical school, doctors are often busy, important, rich people who seldom have time to keep up to date, even compared to a layman with an internet connection and some free time. Cross check what medical practitioners tell you to do. Terrible medical mistakes are made every day and you don’t want them made on you.

[PS-Here’s a message from my Kaiser doc regarding the hip x-rays I had taken last week:

‘The image showed
” Severe narrowing of the right hip joint noted, primarily
superiorly. Sclerosis and osteophytes are present.”
The changes in your bones are likely responsible for your symptoms.’

This didn’t come as a surprise to me but I wanted it in my medical records that I have right hip joint arthritis. This makes Hammer Toe seem minor*.]

*Minor surgery can be defined as surgery done on someone else.

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