Refurbishing A “Folding” Chair


I found this nice Stakmore hardwood folding chair, manufactured in Vietnam, at a yard sale for $3USD.


She said, “re-cover the seat and paint it and it’ll look nice.”


Stained But Not Much Worn

I don’t think it will need paint, I don’t mind some fair-wear-and-tear scratches and we’ll probably only use it twice a year for large family gatherings; mostly it will hang from the garage rafters. I’ll try some matching color polish on it.

Step one is to remove the six 1 x1 /2″ (38cm) Phillips head screws holding on the seat and the two 7/8″ (16mm) screws holding the blocks on.


I also had to remove two stripped out screws from the ‘L’-shaped braces for repair.

Put the hardware in a tuna can or something (eat the tuna first) for safekeeping. We’ll fix the braces later.


Next remove the staples with a thin, sharp tool like this small screwdriver. I pulled them all the way out with pliers and put them carefully in the top of the trash.


When your hands recover from those 40 staples, remove the bottom cover with labels and then take out the 26 more holding on the seat cover.


Seat is cheapest kind of 6-layer 1/2″ (13mm) plywood, which is appropriate for something nobody will ever see-except me.


Foam looked good so I’ll wash and reuse. Now I have to decide if I can get the stains out of the cover or if I’ll have to find or (yikes!) buy some cloth. First step is to wash the cover cloth with hot water and bleach after spraying with spot remover.

Next time we’ll fill in the stripped screw holes and replace the screws to fix the ‘L’-braces; make the finish look better; and replace the cover.


Bonus: Not Just “Folding”- It Actually Folds!


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