If You’re Out Tonight…On Your Bike…Wear White


Being an ex-database guy and retired bureaucrat here’s what I do to appear more colorful and bright while biking.


If the two legal reflectors are good, then surely five reflectors are 5/2 = 2.5 x better (correct me if my math is wrong here son). Wing nut and knurled screw attaches top one to wooden strut, two lower red reflectors are fixed below rack and above fender.


I originally cobbled up this cargo rack connecting strut version 1.0 out of surplus reflectors and it shows.



Whereas this one I cut out of softwood looks just as homemade-but not so cobby as v 1.0 and it doubles as a place to attach my 5th reflector. I like a bit of asymmetry-like my face.



The white front reflectors are similar in shape but mount at different distances from the bar.




The mirror is useful now that I loosened the clamp, turned the mirror out, then tightened set screw again.


*So if you’re out tonight, don’t forget, if you’re on your bike. Wear white. Evening all-Mick Jagger

Unless noted, all text/images produced by todgermanica.com: noncommercial use free with attribution.

2 thoughts on “If You’re Out Tonight…On Your Bike…Wear White

  1. Dude, you are so out of touch. Flat black is everywhere! Urban stealth is the in thing. Black out everything and slip through the folds of the night.

    • That reminds me of driving in Mexico where some drivers turn off headlights the better to see the other driver’s lights. The idea works badly when more than one driver tries it. But thanks for the comment GTMike.

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