Jamis Explorer 1.0 Outfitted: 73 Peugeot Mixte



I’ve had this Jamis Explorer 1.0 21-speed multi-terrain bike since February but couldn’t ride it until I got tall bars. A tall quill stem would be nice too for that extra few inches but they’re rare for this bike. The bars as shown above are dangerously wide for town use.



The after-market short lift bars cost around $25USD and help me keep my arthritic cervical vertebra aligned, vital for my health. If I can find a taller stem then all the better. Mirror is a fond hope. Bell cargo bag in front.



I bought the TopPeak Explorer (appropriate) cargo rack at Denio’s flea market for $6 (down from $10), and built the connecting strut from 3 or 4 light reflector mounts kludged together.










The suspension seat post helps soak up bumps.


Seat is a Giant CityConnect.



Fenders are flexible steel and I don’t know anything about them, having bought them from a homeless man for $25 attached to a defunct Trek mountain bike. The blue foam prevents frame rub fore and aft.


Shimano SIS TopSwing dérailleur in front; Altus in back.



I added the Greenfield kickstand, about $25.


I tried it out on the Dry Creek dirt trail and found it fast and nimble. Since my off-road experience is nil the rear brake was squeezed on all downhills except when I got off and walked it. Folsom Lake trails next for the Jamis Explorer 1.0.


The ‘J’ That Stands For Jamis…

Frame & components: $65USD
Seat: $40
Rack: $6
Kickstand: $25
Fenders: $25
Total  $161

Here’s a preview of what I’m working on now, a 1973 Peugeot mixte frame bike being converted to single-speed with 700c wheels.



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