Trump Elected President: Our Long National Nightmare Begins



Sorry rest-of-the-world, we Americans just elected a genuine fascist sociopath to lead us for at least four years. As in the UK’s Brexit vote, the polls were wrong by at least five points.

With the senate and house also in the hands of the Republic party that means Donald J. Trump can dictate laws, name supreme court justices, reward his friends and punish his many enemies, and bring down the entire weight of the DOJ on the scores if not hundreds of women accusing him sexual assault. Hail to the Litigator and chief.

I’ve voted in many elections and my guy lost as often as he won-no women yet till Mrs. Clinton. It always hurts to lose but presidents come and go and whoever is in the White House (Soon Orange House? Gold Plated House?) and purportedly ruling seldom affects us lower cogs in the imperial machine. Things go on as usual in the massive state and federal bureaucracies of the US empire through inertia if nothing else.

So who should fear him? It’s a longer list than Nixon’s enemies list and Trump now has the FBI (or did he turn Comey earlier?) to make sure he knows where everybody lives. His violent and revengeful temperament is well known as is his famous litigiousness. He has stated his opinions on and off the record regarding women (pigs), Latinos (rapists), Muslims (terrorists), African Americans (losers with nothing to lose), the disabled (cruelly mocking them on camera-what losers) POWs, veterans and other groups of voters over and over again.

To go all Godwin, as with Main Kampf, Trump’s hateful, divisive, racist, misogynist, lying tweets, and statements are there for all to see. I’m a Caucasian man and I voted for Clinton. You would think all the minorities, women, vets, disabled, etc., etc. that Trump attacked and demeaned would have voted 100% for Clinton. Why didn’t that happen, despite the Dem’s purported ‘ground game’? Guess ‘ground game’ don’t mean much compared to reality teevee stars.

Before this election giving aid and comfort to our country’s adversary, if not enemy, would be considered high treason. Trump’s parroting of Putin’s talking points and his undying love and admiration for the ex-KGB thug is so well known those kids should get a room.

How come Wikileaks could never find Trump’s tax returns? Or Paul Manafort’s blood money payments? Would those tax forms show Russian money? Curious how much better Trump’s Russian hackers were than than the faction-riddled FBI’s tech guys (and gals). Like 1940 France, the bureau is rotten from within and due to get lots worse under Der Fuhrer. So James Comey keeps his job and Putin, Paul Manafort and Julian Assange get to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom?

It’s time for the Democratic Party to do some soul searching while they’re in the wilderness to find out where they stand on working people. As awful as this next four (or eight) years will be seeing that corpulent orange slug on teevee every fucking day and learning who will be next to be fired (social security? my pension? my brother’s Obamacare?), the DEMs must go back to helping working people and stop worshiping Wall Street money. We saw yesterday how a free Twitter account in the hands of a skillful demagogue beats any amount of the money of the 1%.

But we (mostly) survived Nixon, Reagan and Bush I and Bush II so progressives will be back probably sooner than some think given Trump’s grandiose incompetence and his gang-of-misfits cabinet. So hang in there, prepare to fight, and try to remain busy and productive in this time of national shame, disgrace and disaster.

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2 thoughts on “Trump Elected President: Our Long National Nightmare Begins

  1. Didn’t the guy that weirdly predicted the cubs would win the world series, also predicted it would be followed by anarchy and the apocalipse?

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