Fascism Begins in the USA

Donald Trump’s first day in office began with an Executive Order that starts the process of denying health care to 18-30 million people by demolishing the Affordable Care Act (AKA ‘Obamacare’). Next he rescinded a planned reduction in mortage rates, lauded by most lenders, that will prevent up to 40,000 people from getting mortgages and cost up to $500 a year to many.

No doubt the first action will come as a shock to many Republican voters who were unable to understand that the ACA and ‘Obamacare’ are the same thing. They can now prepare themselves for loss of medical coverage and reversion to using the Emergency Room of their local hospitals as they did before Obama’s Affordable Care Act. The planned reduction in mortgage rates that will not take place will reward the banks and lenders but punish the lower and middle classes, 46.1 percent of which voted for Trump.

Nobody should be surprised that Trump is following through on his election promises. Trump’s Twitter posts, while not all that clear, indicated just this rewarding of business oligarchs like himself and Vladimir Putin, and the punishing of Trump’s enemies, too numerous to count but including: Muslims, women, the disabled, veterans, brown and black people in general and those not rich like he is (‘losers’).

In one way this is like Trump’s mentor, Adolph Hitler, in that Hitler published Mein Kampf before he took power delineating in some detail his plans for Germany; and Trump’s many Twitter posts showing, however vaguely or in garbled English, his plans for the USA.

However, quite unlike Adolph Hitler’s early career as dictator, these actions strike at the very people who voted for Trump, the poor and middle classes. Many forget that Hitler at first took seriously the ‘socialist’ part of National Socialism and instituted quite advanced health care for all, affordable housing and even a ‘people’s car’, the Volkswagen.

So as a first step Trump is worse than Hitler. It remains to be seen if he’ll plunge the world into war as Hitler did, but his abrogation of the ‘one China’ policy, and his Twitter post regarding North Korea’s imminent ICBM launch (“It won’t happen!”) show that Trump does not understand China’s fierce pride at fighting the USA to a standstill during the Korean War; and China’s determination to return Taiwan to mainland control.

When the war starts will Trump refrain from ‘dropping the big one’? Since before he was elected he could not understand “why can’t we use nukes…?”…that seems unlikely. And unlike Hitler, who proudly and bravely defended his adopted country in WWI, Trump dodged the draft, did not serve, and seems unable to understand much about actual warfare and its consequence and horrors. Just as he is unable or unwilling to understand the consequences of denying health care to the poor.

Perhaps Trump counts on his much admired best international friend the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin to come to his aid. But this is doubtful too because Trump’s secret income tax returns probably show most or all of Trump’s money came from Russian sources. Threats to leak the information would be enough to keep Trump in line and allow Russia to expand, a good return for their investment in the new ‘Manchurian President’. And Russia is very close to a now powerful China and very far from now weakened and compromised USA (Sarah Palin notwithstanding).

Whether even the revelation of Trump’s treason would sway the lap dog GOP into impeaching Trump is another question. After all, Trump now has access to all data from the CIA, NSA, FBI and the UK’s GCHQ so all the dirt on his fellow Republicans will be known to him soon, if he doesn’t have it already, since apparently his sycophant Rudy Giuliani knew all about the FBI’s ‘bombshell’ pre-election Clinton email ‘scandal’ while the president apparently did not.

Like Hitler, Trump takes no counsel of others, making sure his cabinet and close advisors are either family, sycophants or very weak and corrupt people just like he is. Since he ignored all advice from ‘his party’ and won the election anyway, he is now even less likely to listen to others. After all, as he constantly tells us, he’s “a very smart guy”.

And unlike Hitler who started life as a son of a minor civil servant and then devolved into a gutter tramp in Vienna before his triumph, Trump as never been anything but a very rich and entitled plutocrat with no one to say no to him or to point out how the rest of the world lives. While Hitler had to use his ‘iron will’ to become dictator, Trump has always had his own way and to him that is perfectly normal. The rest of us are the ‘losers’-except for the Breitbart neo-nazis. For them it is springtime in the USA.

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