Trump’s Mental Crackup Accelerates


In your guts you know he’s nuts and trump’s mental breakdown continues to accelerate like in third stage syphilis. His giant fragile ego demands that all serve the God-King Donald. He couldn’t understand Comey’s loyalty to country and agency over His Highness. He thinks the FBI works for him personally and not for the country. His world view is monarchical and he also seems have the aristocratic inbred genes.

His monumental ignorance, greed, incompetence and paranoia make it impossible for him to even maintain the tissues of lies he uses in his cover ups. With every twit storm threatening witnesses, maligning judges and demeaning all ‘enemies’ he hastens his own exit. He has isolated and alienated himself from nearly all except fellow mental defectives. His manias make even the least efforts at impulse control impossible.

And since he sees himself as all-knowing and always the boss he cannot be counseled, persuaded or affected-except by the Russians, he hops to do their bidding like Pepe the frog. I wonder why.

So far the most obvious answer is Russian financing and technical hacking support in exchange for buddy buddy oil extraction deals between Putin’s friends and trump’s family business associates, and loosening economic sanctions on Russia.

Just guessing, sure, but nobody burns so many bridges so fast unless there is a giant Ukrainian hooker pee lake of scandal hiding out there very close now.

So far the supine and fearful GOP is in circle the wagons mode. If this lunatic manages to stay in office until 2018 without impeachment or nucular combat toe to toe with the Roosskies or the Norks, then the GOP incumbents will be saddled with running for reelection with Donald John trump hanging off their necks like a rotting albatross. Is this what the GOP really wants?

The question is, with the weak and fellow-traveling GOP house delaying and obstructing justice along with the White House, what comes first, resignation to spend more time with his family; impeachment; or trump’s mental and physical breakdown?

Remember trump thinks exercise is fake and believes in never moving much, like in the 19th century. He sleeps only 3-4 hours per night. He eats a terrible diet and sports a big CVD gut. And he has a special button on the presidential desk to summon a butler with a Coke when he gets thirsty.

If the GOP delays much longer the trump problem could deal with itself via massive coronary, stroke or the drooling dementia or Alzheimer’s that ends the lives of so many, like Ronald Reagan and Fred Trump.


Image via the daily show.

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